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Frequently Asked Questions About Pigs

If your question isn't here please contact me and I will add it for future readers. Also please be patient I'm just beginning to add info and photos 

How to choose a pig

First you need to decide what you want out of your pig and be Brutally honest with yourself. Do you move a lot? Are you prepared for a pig if it gets too big and you bought a pet? If you are looking for a meat pig are you sure you're ready for the hard decisions?
Next to need to know what to look for. Theres a ton of mis information out there about pigs! I find most people have no idea what kind of pig they actually have because they read about it on the internet instead of learning from an old timer who actually raises pigs for a living. I was lucky to have learned from the latter. When choosing a pig as a pet and only a pet you want to find what you like and go from there. When choosing any pig as a breeder you need to look for some very specific things. Ask the breeder for information on the pigs sire. What is the sire's dominant genes like does he throw specific genes like nose length etc some breeders might even know which of their boars cause more boars per litter or more gilts per litter when bred. You want to ask the same questions about the sow of your prospective pig. Next you want to look at conformation and breed standards, do they meet the breed requirements or are they not quite up to standards and should only be a feeder pig? Next you want to look at nipples, this counts for males and females you're considering for breeding stock, you want to see 12 evenly spaced nipples up the belly. It gives you an idea of the breeders quality and it can often hint towards breeding issues down the line if its not correct. Next look at the belly button, make sure there's no hernias, check boars for hernias in their testical area feel for hard lumps that shouldn't be there. Also keep in mind many breeds like heritage breed pigs are breed with a major factor being temperment, you don't want to buy an aggressive Kune for example. There's more ill add to this later.

What does my pig eat?

You need to make sure your pig eats healthy. All pigs need essential minerals. We feed fresh Alfalfa to the pigs in the mornings and pig pellets at dinner

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