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I milked Elsie!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

So those of you that are new to us may not know that we got started with goats purely for the goat cheese! Here we are 5 goats later and 5 months down the road and the two females I had bought in the beginning have not given birth yet so when Kim and I were out buying more pigs one day I saw Elsie and her new baby Isabel. I died when I saw her and immediately asked if she was a willing milker, they said she was! To be fair she's a first time mom of a single doe baby so Im not expecting much from her but I bought her on the spot! Jimmy was so excited when I got home with her he built her a beautiful milking station that very night so I could milk her in the morning. Yes she backed away a couple times and I need more practice but after two days I think she's beginning to almost tolerate me. Heres a picture jimmy got of my first time milking poor Elsie.

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