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Don’t ignore these signs from your body!

We all know big pharmaceutical only stays in business by keeping us sick and coming back for more, their genuine business model is to not cure but only treat the symptoms. Today I write about several issues that are parasite related that big pharmaceutical companies spend billions on bad media to falsely indoctrinate their patients to not ever actually getting a cure but only treatment of symptoms! Parasites are a major win for most western health care as it’s in more than 70% of the American population and more than 80-92% worldwide! But as long as they don’t rid you of these various parasites they can convince you you’re better by treating only the symptoms! Vicious cycle of never getting better.

There are three main types of parasites:

Protazoa: a single cell organism that lives in BLOOD, LIVER or TISSUE means any veins arteries organs muscle etc!

Helminths: a multi cell organism with a diverse network that has evolved with its host subtype ( ie: round worms, hook worms, thorny headed worms)

Ectoparasites: Lice, fleas, ticks , mites etc these are generally visible to the human eye that attach to the skin to feed or procreate

A parasitic infection may be as simple as head lice, not to be confused with goat lice nor hog lice as they’re actually so different they’ll die if they’re not on their target host. Even to bed bugs that can infest any farm animals human or otherwise! For instance if your pet pig has lice you’re safe however they will bite you they won’t infest your home without an indoor pig. However mites can develop into scabies for humans.

Here’s a few symptoms to watch out for and why they’re so easily misdiagnosed either on purpose or well let’s be honest here. 🙄


Stomach pain

Usually the first sign of a parasite. They can be spread through the air on a windy day, through touch or exposed surfaces, and most commonly through digestion as even after this last two years folks aren’t washing their hands 🤷‍♀️🥴 however even a well in the countryside can be contaminated 😳

2 )

Digestive issues including


Irritable bowel syndrome

Celiac disease ( 78% of celiac patients find out they aren’t celiac patients they simply have a parasite)

Parasites release gasses that build up and cause pain, inflammation etc that is commonly misdiagnosed!

The symptoms include excessive diarrhea, excessive constipation, vomiting or diarrhea and is commonly misdiagnosed as food poisoning!

Anal itching: while easily caught and treated in younger patients-?older patients are often disregarded as having hemorrhoids rather than that of worms or to be more accurate intestinal parasites! They’re rampant in most retirement communities and there’s actually been studies regarding unnecessary drugs and treatments on retirement individuals versus the parasites they’re found to possess after additional testing!

The continuation of irritating or scratches of the area DOES CAUSE HEMORHOIDS but their symptoms not the cause- for instance preparation h relieved itching but did it deworm you? No -

Fatigue!: yep you’re probably tired because no matter how many vitamins you swallow you’re still exhausted ( if you work in a farm it’s normal however the parasites that cause fatigue also cause depression and anxiety! Rather than using antiparisitc drugs big pharmaceutical only wants to treat your symptoms not the parasites themselves

  1. weight loss) no matter how much you eat you can’t stay full, or you have a complete lack of appetite-

  2. Anxiety: many different parasites actually affect your brain and nervous system directly!usually with western medicine approaches can actually increase the anxiety!

  3. Teeth grinding! You may not realize you’re even doing it! We raise pigs for swine education and teeth grinding is FIRST sign of parasites, you may wake up with sore teeth, jaw or mouth soreness and not knowing why!

  4. Anemia!- parasites don’t just feed off protein in our blood , many parasites live off the iron in our blood! In many third world countries they’ve cured anemia with anti parasitic drugs! However big pharmaceutical doesn’t want mainstream media to cover that🧐

  5. Skin irritations! I see this a million times a day in homestead groups and swine related groups! “ what can I put in my skin to help this?” Or what coconut oil can I put on my pigs skin to fix this?” When I am living proof a survivor of eczema and psoriasis my entire life! It’s parasites not the lotions nor oils you use!! You might have an allergic reaction to the parasite itself or even the toxins it leaves behind after localized areas!

  6. Parasitic infection and Allergies

  7. They release eiosinphils into your bloodstream and can cause skin irritations and most commonly hair loss ! In this case when you go to your doctor for an allergic test they test you by poking a needle of each allergen and you may show up as being allergic to everything when in truth you were allergic to the parasite itself that CAUSED the reactions to begin with!

  8. 10)muscle pain! This one is crazy cause I see it soooooo often! Ever notice pain relief lotions ALWAYS have a warning“do not rub on unexplained calf pain “ yeah it’s THAT common that you have a parasite that literally traveled from your foot one day at the park or beach or friend house barefoot or that really nice island hotel on vacation and it burrowed up into your calf and boom you’re sick you’re doctor is telling you you have allergies at age of 40 suddenly and poof magically you have most rare gastrointestinal disease in world celiac disease! Hmm or do you simply have a parasite? Sadly the 3rd world doctors know more about these symptoms and EASY cures than western doctors as modern medicine drowns out or full on kills any stories about easy cures so big pharmaceutical companies can continue to make trillions! There are over fourteen hundred cancer cures patents in America alone! Yet they insist on killing us slowly with chemotherapy and did you know oncology students are actually TRAINED to leave some cancer areas in the body when the surgery is supposed to remove all cancer?! Sick right!

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