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Fasciola Hepatica or Fluke worm & the infectious disease it spreads worldwide

Many folks believe that deworming your livestock only means deworming their intestines and I’m here today to tell you about one of the OTHER parasites that are NOT in the Gastrointestinal tract and therefore are not affected by any of the cutesy homeopathic remedies that simply flush geriatric parasites out of the rectum.

For instance:

Here’s a common one that affects livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats , pigs etc AS WELL AS HUMANS!

I’m referring to Fasciola Hepatica or Liver Fluke. It is a type of flat worm or trematode that affects the liver. It is shaped like a leaf and you can see it with the naked eye when it’s in its adult form. The eggs are only found under microscope during fecal tests and in some cases a blood test is necessary to avoid serious health issues.

You ingest the larvae via vegetables and or water! Yep it’s literally everywhere! It’s very common and it’s all over the world including the USA. Basically anywhere there’s people, livestock, water & vegetation! Ever eat lettuce? Yep it’s on lettuce like watercress for instance. Anywhere there’s irrigation or vegetation!

The adult flukes or fasciola or flatworm live in the bile ducts & liver of humans and animals and only use the intestines as a occasional migratory pattern. Basically by treating for intestinal parasites you’re missing the fasciola hepatica parasite completely cause that’s not where they live and reproduce. That’s only where their kids and grandchildren play so to speak.

Only the fasciola eggs are ever found in fecal tests. You can also test for fasciola with blood tests.

Fasciola thrive in wet climates & in other areas during the rainy season. Some humans and animals may never notice or show symptoms of this worm while others will get extremely ill during the parasites migratory phase of reproduction while the eggs and teenage versions of the parasites travel throughout the body. The symptoms in affected people and animals can last only days or it can last months! In many cases you won’t feel the chronic illness for years after you have ingested this parasite! So you never really know WHEN you got infected or how long ago once you or your animal develop symptoms. In some cases you can become ill merely days after infection!

These symptoms can include fever, exhaustion, extreme abdominal cramps , skin rashes & enlargement of the liver! In the later phases of infection it can cause anemia, jaundice, gall stones, pancreatitis, and even invite bacterial super infections to its host! When left untreated for long periods it also causes hardening of the liver!

It is treated by TWO doses of anti parasitic drugs given at specific times to destroy the entire lifecycle of the fasciola or flat worm known as fluke worms. It is not affected in the least by tannens, nor diatomaceous earth nor pumpkin nor tobacco. YES many many many( yes MANy! Like tons seriously it’s a common study for universities) studies have been conducted on this and not one of those treatments have been found to be affective in ridding the animals nor infected humans of the parasite.

So basically that’s just one of the many parasites that we share with animals that anyone can get simply by water or vegetation that grows in or near water. And no, cutesy natural methods will not work on it at all. Sorry you’ll need to actually get treatment for yourself or treatment for the affected livestock. If left untreated you are spreading a common infectious disease caused by this parasite called fascioliasis!

Here’s the cdc page on that btw

Here’s the world health organization on this parasite and the infectious disease it spreads!

So again, please keep telling yourself you can treat these parasites naturally and get a fecal test done and a blood test done after you treat with tannens or pumpkin or diatomaceous earth or tobacco and see for yourself. I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade about natural remedies. I am genuinely trying to educate folks on the misinformation about the parasites we deal with daily on farms and gardens that is sadly spread amongst uneducated individuals who listen to YouTube and don’t read a book for themselves to educate themselves on the actual parasites they’re encountering. In many cases it’s not people’s fault they’ve been lied to. Many of these natural remedies have been sold as cure all’s without doing the research necessary to know how very wrong they are. I’m fact, the reason so many folks think pumpkin and tannens work is pumpkin is high in fiber so it does flush the intestines of some adult parasites however it has no affect on actually ridding the person nor animals of the rest of the lifecycle of the multitude of parasites we commonly deal with. As for tannens, well there are two types of tannens and while they do lower the rate at which the parasites attached to the ruminants intestines and tannens do slow down the reproductive process of Some(only SOME) parasites it does not KILL any of these parasites it only allows the animals to absorb more protein from its food intake therefore allows the animals to stave off or slow down the extreme weight loss many of these parasites cause. Therefore folks mistakenly believe that they have effectively dewormed their animals when they have only made the parasites more resistant and slower to show affects on infected subjects.

I’m really trying to help folks please heed this and deworm your animals and livestock properly.

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