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Helping the farms who lost Livestock in Fires up north

Hi folks we’re doing a little something to help the farmers and ranchers who lost livestock in the fires up north.

We are not taking any donations ourselves here’s what were doing: As we find farmers or ranchers who lost livestock in the fires we ask them what they lost and we find a farm who can spare a breeder set and then we arrange transport for the animals to the person in need.

My hubby and I live and work on our farm- if we lost livestock we wouldn’t have food for our table.

We are doing this for those who need to put food on their tables up there so they can replenish their herds and flocks.

Pm me if you have animals to donate and what you have available- I will match you up with a farmer in need of the animals you have available.

We are also seeking people who can transport animals up to these folks.

Please message me if you know someone in need or have animals to spare for these folks

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