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Hercules!Hercules! Another pig wrestling tale from Amber

Hes a timid boy but he's a naughty boy. He digs under the walls between the pens constantly. Up until today he's only been foolish enough to dig into Boartus and Gus's pen but this evening was different! With Bertha (a juliana) and Sweetheart, (a potbelly) in heat I guess it was just too much for his little loins to handle and he made a jailbreak. OF COURSE I'm here by myself today to I ran out there and proceeded to attempt the catch. I threw some whole corn in there to distract the ladies and started chasing him in circles in and out of farrowing houses and through the mob of ladies who were quite annoyed that he was disrupting such a treat before dinner. Even Morticia got tired of him running behind her to get away from me and she bit him hard a couple times. Then here comes Miss Bertha( a sweetheart Juliana sow), ever helpful and adoring, coming to rescue mommy from this mean boy pig that was making me huff and puff and turn purple whilst running in circles. Then to top it off here comes Sadie, our australian cattle dog. So now at this point Sadie THINKS she's helping, Bertha THINKS she's helping, Morticia is all pissed off and Im turning blue and wheezing trying to catch this 12 inch tall 20 inch long racing pig! I finally was able to get a leg at which point i had to sit down and just catch my breath while i held his legs telling myself "don't let go, you'll never catch him again or you'll give yourself a heart attack trying. Just DO Not let GO!" So he's screaming bloody murder, Im trying my best not to let go while I catch my breath and focus on NOT passing out he manages to kick me in the face a few times. I do my best to butt cheek walk out from under the farrowing house where i caught him until I got to a place where I could stand and was able to body hug him to myself and he reared up and hit me in the face again with the brunt of his skull. Yeah we're 20 minutes in, the whole farm is screaming now, Im dizzy from the kicks and head butts to the face and I realize I can't walk him around to his pen because Odin is in there and it takes two hands to open that gate and get passed Odin on a good day much less if your tired and beaten and carrying a 30lb pig that's thoroughly whipped my butt. So best I can figure is get him up and over the fence into his pen. lots more screaming later I was able to prop him against the chain link and bend it enough for him to use it as a diving board so he could take the flying leap back into his pen with Oscar. Hercules!

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