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Misinformation about COYOTES!

PREDATORS SUCK! But what's worse is BAD info about predators. I have lived in areas with coyotes all my life in several parts of America here's what I have Learned:

A) they say coyotes are not same species as dogs and wolves THIS IS FALSE!! Coyotes will and can and DO CROSS BREED with wolves and domestic dogs etc!! IN FACT THEY WILL GET YOUR FEMALE TO COME RUN WITH THEM - THEY WIL GET HER PREGNANT THEY WILL RAISE HER BABIES AND ONLY EAT THE WEAK THEN THEY WILL SEND THE FEMALE BACK OUT TO CALL IN DOMESTIC MALE DOGS WHEN SHE IS IN HEAT NEXT TIME TO ATTRACT THEM SO THEY CAN KILL YOUR MALE DOG! They also are VERY well known for mixing with the WOLF and in states like North Carolina they are facing issues from the crossbred "Redwolf or coyote/wolf mix that has arisen)!!

B) Coyotes are afraid of automatic lights or flood lights- UM NO! LOL This depends on your area- coyotes in some areas are afraid of automatic lights because in those areas people are more proactive about them, In cities and Liberal areas who do not shoot coyotes on sight the coyotes are NOT AFRAID OF LIGHTS OR SOUNDS OR EVEN PEOPLE! Coyotes are very adaptive to their area and if they are not afraid of you then they haven't learned they need to be afraid of you or your lights or noises, if they ARE AFRAID its because you have GOOD SMART NEIGHBORS! Bake them a pie and say thank you because your chickens live another day!

C)Coyotes only yip to talk to communicate to each other when moving or when lost: WRONG! I have personally seen coyotes yip and bark while in MID ATTACK!

D)Coyotes only travel in small packs of 3-5-10. WRONG AGAIN! I HAVE PERSONALLY SEEN COYOTES COME OUT OF THE RAVINE BELOW OUR HOUSE IN JAMUL CALIFORNIA IN 5-10 MINUTES WE COUNTED 40-80 COYOTES WITH A FEW STRAGGLERS! Yet when we lived outside in the deserts outside Los Angeles there were THOUSANDS more coyotes however they ran in TINY PACKS OF 3-8 or 5-10 MAXIMUM!

E) Coyotes are HIGHLY ADAPTABLE! They will adapt to their environment faster than even humans! They are smart as foxes and extremely cunning hunters! DO NOT UNDERSTIMATE COYOTES!

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