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Multiple Sire litters DO happen!

Ok so my very first pig Mamasow has never been successfully bred until this last time. I tried every single cycle for 7 months to get her pregnant and not one technique worked. Ive learned that with some Kunes, if they don't breed by a certain age they may NEVER be able to be bred like a use it or lose it sorta thing. So in a panic the last time I just told hubby that I don't care which one of our boars gets her pregnant as long as we know she at least CAN be bred successfully. So I proceeded to throw her in with a mini juliana boar who is a Prolific breeder, then our guinea hog Boartus got a day with her and after that I put her back with our Kune boar and finally our pot belly boy.

Well folks, she finally got pregnant. So it was quite the nail biter to wait and see what the babies came out like wondering which one was the daddy. Turns out we got one which is Definitely Boartus' from that nose! We got two that were definitely Oscars the mini juliana and one little girl who is 100% Gus baby from her coloring and snout. Nothing came from Boing Boing our Kune boar unfortunately. I wish we could afford to DNA test them all and find out for sure who the daddies are.

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