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Pigs and dogs written by Jill Robison

I love to see dogs and pigs who get along.

Well, we all know that can change in an instant. Cute videos of dogs and pigs cuddling for everyone to coo at and adore. Yes, its adorable.

What happens down the road when piggy is in a mood and wants to be bossy and wants to be top hog.

What happens when doggie gets older, and piggy won't leave along not understanding why dog doesn't want to play.

What happens when dog is resting, and piggy gets a slap of a tail and reacts, or dog is resting and pig nibbles on tail?


The sad truth is once there is a mood change it can happen in a split-second right in front of you. Your dog who has been raised around the pig it's entire life will normally win the attack and leave pig severely injured or dead. Pigs want companionship with someone who speaks their own language, and a dog is not it.

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