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*Kids all over the world are dying from complications from the vaccine

*If your vaccine works why wear a mask if my mask works why do I need a vaccine?

*If you want “my body my freedoms “ why doesn’t that count for the vaccine?

Why are churches having to hold mass in secret? Didn’t you learn about nazi Germany in school! Are you not paying attention to what the Taliban and ISIS are doing to Christians and Catholics and Baptists?

*Why do we have to respect your choices but you don’t have to respect ours? Hippocrates?

*They want you to forget and erase history so they won’t have opposition when they repeat it! Wake up!

*Do some actual homework- not google go read medical journals about how the cdc knew that the polio vaccine began and causes cancers that never occurred in the human body until the polio vaccine was released!

*Do some actual homework and learn that every person who got the Spanish flu vaccine died and that the unvaccinated people didn’t die from the flu they died from bad healthcare and wearing masks!

*Do your homework on Guillian- Barr syndrome

*Watch the white coat summit an actual doctors symposium done every year but last two years they’ve focused on the side affects of the masks, the vaccine side effects and deaths and these real doctors and pathology researchers are doing autopsy on “healthy “people who died after getting the vaccine and what it actually does to the body from an autopsy and pathology!

*Look up the 2005 talk Bill Gates gave to the CIA about a pathogen that they designed that “won’t be hard to get the masses to swallow “ but the educational and religious folks will be more difficult to convince and the other “planned side affects ” they’ll add to it is to reduce emotional resistance meaning they are trying to give us something they know will make us more pliable and easier to control.

*Research Bill Gates and his beliefs about new world order- just look it up

Research bill gates and his familial connections to Eugenics!

Research Bill Gates and his foundations research into population control!

Read the freedom of information act, read the entire patriot act, read what congress puts into voting and gets passed each week its public information! Yes it’s a lot of reading but please if you don’t understand it ask someone to help you- if you really care about this country and it’s future!

*Liberals had no idea the left was saying “ hey look over here while I move my chess pieces “ and here we are!

*Watch Zeitgeist

*Watch Noam Chomsky’s Requiem for the American Dream “

*Watch Zeitgeist Addendum

*Or Zeitgeist Moving Forward!

*Google or research why China has been blocked from becoming an International Monetary Fund until recently- then research the dates and what happened as soon as they were approved for an International Monetary Fund!

*Read Rockefeller’s diary’s about eugenics, there’s other leaders who also are supporters too! Including Bill Gates family!

*Bill gates backstory has turned out to be a lie yes he built it in his parents garage but who were his parents and what ties did they have? Please look into that!

*Look into the research about fetal health after the vaccine!

*The CDC , the FDA are private corporations look into umbrella corporations- there’s a reason there’s a video game and movie series about an umbrella corporation that releases a virus and the world goes mad- it was just a game & movie series 20 years ago but look at the whole story line of that game and look at recent years

*Read Faucis papers he published before this pandemic! You’ll find he’s also the demon behind why so many died of aids in the 80’s and his papers from 1990 -2015 prove he’s lying to is about corona now!

*Read the actual published medical papers on ivermectin for the last 50 years and how it’s been healthy for humanity and regularly given for dengue fever and malaria!

*Look at the global incident map and watch back in nov 2019-2020 how cases of dengue fever at our border were highest in a hundred years and the only cure is ivermectin!

*Why are immigrants not being forced to take vaccine only Americans?!

*I have a million more questions and I understand none of my liberal nor democratic friends will actually read any of these published works since they are so brainwashed but maybe just maybe this might get through to one person!

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