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Rita Update!

So some of you know we had a guinea hog runt born first of her litter, and no doubt from her placement and large litter she was SQUISHED during development and had curled legs when she was born. Now we know from multiple litters from mom and dad that this was not genetic and could be fixed. After her first 6 hrs not feeding with her many siblings (she couldn't crawl up to fight for nipple placement)for her first meal, I decided to bring her indoors. We have a video of Rita at 3 days old walking for the very first time here and at youtube. So as of today Rita is 23 days old and has been chasing me all over the farm during chores on her tippy toes. I will be uploading that video today depending on our internet speeds. She is 1/4 the size of her siblings at best and needs to put a lot of weight on in order to push her hooves out but she runs around like a little champ now WITHOUT HER SPLINTS!!! I had my pedometer on my phone and clocked her while we did chores this morning, she got 765 steps in chasing me today. Thats a lot for a pig that only weighs 14 ounces!

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