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Rosie Had her babies!

So we woke up late today, at 5 am so of course we had to jump and run getting everyone fed and watered etc. Im on the phone with Kim talking farm stuff and Jim runs up to the house and yells" Get out here" I could sense from the urgency in his tone that something wasn't right, "what is it?" I yelled as Im grabbing my flip flops and telling Kim hold on jims yelling and he answers back "there's a piglet in the KUNE pen!" So of course I squeal with joy and tell Kim as Im running into the pen Rosie is standing cleaning up the second baby! Jimmy grabbed my farrowing basket and we tied off umbilical cords dipping them in iodine and handing them back to momma. Total of six babies, three boys and three girls, ALL BLACK and ALL DOUBLE WATTLED yay!

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