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What’s the best breed of pigs ?

Okay so look at it like this I’ll give you a few examples:

Ask a truck group if ford or Chevy or dodge is better

Ask a dog group if shepherds are better that bloodhounds or chihuahuas

It really comes down to your family’s needs

Some folks just want turn out price per pound they get durocs

Then there’s Berkshire they’re nicer but bad moms and usually only good with AI

Then there’s lard breeds that are great because they’re bred more for temperament so your kids are safer but it again depends of you are looking at fast turn around or better temperament

My favorite breed is Gloucestershire old spot a good old breed of large meat pig best temperament in swine world

Some folks like to begin with KuneKune or Juliana but KuneKune grow Very slow but they’re usually easygoing and Juliana can be very spicy temperament

It really depends what your particular family wants- what works for one guy won’t work for you

Just remember you are asking a pig group what’s best without considering what your goals are-

You don’t get a bloodhound if you want a small dog, you don’t get a ford when you need a jeep

Just saying everyone here is going to give you THEIR opinion not the best option for YOU personally

You need to understand what your goals are raising pigs and go backwards from there- are you concerned about temperament, feed ratio, growth rate, safe with kids, rooters or not, spicy temperament or not, are you looking at bacon output or do you want something small you can butcher alone without help, are you worried about time it takes to grow out? Some breeds take three years and some are 750 at 6 months so many homestead folks see that as too much to handle without help

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