YES Swine and Humans share many parasites and diseases!

YOU CAN GET PARASITES AND DISEASES FROM YOUR PIG AND YOU CAN GET THEM FROM YOUR PIG TOO!There are a million reasons to deworm your pig properly. However the number one reason being that you want your pigs and family to remain healthy and safe from illness and parasites. I know there's hundreds and I am compiling a list however since someone tried to tell me I was wrong well you know me lol I had to do a quick search for links to this and poof in less than 9 minutes I found these. I will be compiling a full list over the next few months and will publish it to our website! Viruses you can share with your pig: Toxoplasmosis in swine and humans: Tapeworm from swine that can spread to your brain: Great information on parasites pigs and people share Roundworm: Roundworm and lungworm in pigs and people: Diseases that you can share with your pig Lungworm and influenza shared between swine and humans

I will be adding to this soon! Stay Tuned

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